Tribeca Physical Therapy Testimonials

“My experience with Tribeca Physical Therapy has been phenomenal to address both an injury and a chronic issue. I have made real progress in a very short period of time! Pain is almost gone and strength and endurance are up. Dr. Monica listens, understands my issues and goals, and personalizes and adapts her approaches.  I would recommend Tribeca Physical Therapy without reservation.”

Victoria D

“It’s been so amazing and enlightening working with Monica!!! I have been going to different PTs over the years and she is one of the few that helped me find the micro adjustments that I needed to make to help me perform better without compensations, I wasn’t  even aware I was doing. I feel more connected to my breath and body, it takes work but so helpful I have her and her team to help me through it.”

Denise V

“Dr. Monica Saliu, PT, DPT is a pleasure to work with!  When I did a Google search on a Sunday afternoon,  Tribeca PT was the only facility opened. I called and spoke with Dr Christian, who had me speak with Dr Monica. She was so intelligent that I purchased a package with her ASAP.  Many of my aches and pains have since resolved just 8 weeks later. She is super positive, and creates a home exercise program especially fit for you and your health needs. She answers/answers all of my health / therapy questions. I can’t say enough good things about her and Tribeca Physical Therapy. It is so nice to work with someone who enjoys helping you get better!  Many thanks!”

Sharon A

“This is the perfect place for anyone looking to make a change in their health and fitness. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with a chronic issue, Monica and Kristian will work tirelessly to help you see tangible results while taking a personal, holistic approach. I know from experience that they care deeply about their patients and don’t back down from a challenge. When I first came to Monica, I was in terrible pain and had become skeptical of doctors and specialists after years of dead ends. I’ve truly never had anyone in the medical field work so hard for me. I’m not exaggerating when I say she changed my life! Highly, highly recommend.”

Katy L

What can I say..for pain, stress or just to feel better… one on one Tribeca PT is by far the best! Monica & Kris have been my therapists for many years and have helped my Sciatica, back and knee pain. Their exercises are easy and help strengthen your body. They are very knowledgeable and caring! In a clean, quiet environment with their help you will leave feeling better each time!”

Barbara F

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Jason L

“Dr. Kristian Marcial was amazing and took the time to carefully diagnose the issue causing my pain.  Feeling amazing!” 

Dylan I

“I have been seeing Dr Monica for years, post partum and beyond. She has been amazing at postpartum healing and strength. She is so knowledgeable, attentive and thorough, not to mention exceedingly kind! Love this team.”