5 Tips to Crush Your Productivity Goals for 2020

5 Tips to Crush Your Productivity Goals for 2020

January 29, 2020

Ready to crush your productivity goals this 2020?

Well, every so often we must reset and update various things that we use in our daily life. With constant use, these things get unresponsive and the features get stuck. Sometimes, it just shuts down on its own and stops working. A slow internet connection will force us to reset the connection to get a faster, more reliable connection. Another would be when the TV signal goes bad and ruins our favorite show’s transmission, we need to reset our cable box and refresh it. People who are constantly on their mobile phones may at times find their device unresponsive and may need to restart and reset the phone. Even the calendar resets yearly for a fresh twelve months for us all. Our bodies are no different from these things. Our bodies sometimes just shut down on their own and deteriorate too which is why we need to reset them.

The human body is like a well-oiled machine when we are healthy. With pollution, malnutrition, radiation, and other harmful factors around us, the body is vulnerable to not work properly. The unpredictability of whether we will catch a disease or become sick is always present so we should always be cautious. For this very reason, we need to make sure that we remain healthy. We should take care of our bodies.

We are almost done with the first month of the year 2020. Usually, when the New Year kicks in, most come up with lists of To-Dos or goals for the year or what we commonly knew as New Year resolutions. It is a fact that 8 out of 10 people who come up with their list include something in regards to health. Without a healthy body, we are not able to function fully and achieve the VISION we set to do for the New Year. Being healthy allows us to be more efficient and productive. It allows us to have a new start and be a better version of ourselves. When we are healthy, we feel energized; we are motivated, we become more productive. Having a healthy body does not only manifest physical health. It also generates well-being and satisfaction that helps with the emotional and mental function of the human body. Here are 5 tips to help you crush your productivity goals this 2020:

Tip #1 – Start Your Day Right

It has been customary to always start the day right. We achieve this by waking up fresh from a good night’s sleep and follow it up with a regimen that pumps up our blood and keeps us going for the day. Not all start their day with breakfast but that is the best way to equip yourself when you have a busy day ahead. Eat healthy food at the start of your day. Exercise. Prepare for the day.

Tip #2 – Be Productive

When at work or in school or even just at home, come up with a system of doing things to stay sane and be productive. Include time for rest and recharging your body. In the workplace and at school, there are breaks laid in place for everybody to become more productive – absorb more, produce more. Breaks are very important. It allows your body to have minor resets within the day.

Tip #3 – Be Consistent

They said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, which, if you think about it, can be difficult at times. Have you ever tried exercising for 5 days straight and rest the next week, then eventually stop doing so? This cycle repeats at times and this is where the challenge lies. Consistency means that regardless of a situation or how you feel, you stick to the plan. Consistency is being able to adapt to circumstances and still make things work. If you want to reset your body, reset your life and well-being, then be consistent!

Tip #4 – Create Short & Long Term Goals

What are your goals for today? The next week? This month? This quarter? Most people work hard every day but forget this really important detail: A GOAL. Write down your goals, identify which ones are achievable short term and which ones would take longer. Hang a corkboard in a place where you can see it all the time and put photos, charts, numbers, and reminders in it to help you be reminded every day. As they say – out of sight, out of mind. Also, once you achieve those goals, don’t forget to celebrate!

Tip #5 – End Your Day Peacefully

As your day ends, you need to have toning down activities to prepare your body to rest and get recharged when you retire to your bed. Most working professionals meet up with friends for either dinner, drinks or whatever entertaining activity available that suits their fancy outside the workplace. As for kids, after doing their homework, they get to play with friends or watch their favorite show on TV, or even just take a nap and have an afternoon bite – these activities reset those tiny individuals’ bodies for them to be prepared for another day.

January is the best time to assess yourself and take note of the things you need to reset in your life and most especially, in your body. It is the start of the year and what better way to start a program than to first identify what are the things you need to reset in you. If you are working too hard, make sure you have time for rest and recreation. Remember the saying, “all work and no play makes one a dull boy.” This is true for everybody, students, employees, housewives – everybody. To be more productive, one needs to have a time out every once in a while – reset. To learn and absorb more and become creative, people, especially the children, need to stop and just have fun at times – reset. Workers need to rest – reset.

Do not hesitate. Your body needs to reset. Find time to do so to ensure your body stays healthy and you become more productive. Tell yourself, “IT’S TIME FOR A FULL BODY RESET in 2020!”

Schedule a 3- session 2020 RESET Treatment Plan with us now. Reset your body and crush your productivity goals this 2020!

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