7 Tips to A Healthier & Smarter Eating Habits During A Pandemic

7 Tips to A Healthier & Smarter Eating Habits During A Pandemic

September 10, 2020

The pandemic has left us no choice but to stay home and to distance ourselves from the norm that we got used to and these tips to a healthier & smarter eating habits during a pandemic.. With the quarantine comes storing food that should last us for days. If you’ve gone out and bought things from the supermarket, you would notice a lot of shortages of food and other important stuff. However, it’s very important to store up wisely. Nutrition is part of your health and planning your meals wisely can pay off.

Here are 7 tips to a healthier & smarter eating habits during a pandemic and how it can benefit you especially when you’re also having your home-based physical therapy.

Tip #1 – Plan your mealtime and snack time

It’s the same with planning your daily activities at home (waking up, showering, and exercising), you should allot a time when you are going to have your snacks and stick with them strictly.

Tip #2 – Be mindful of your portion sizes

It’s so easy to be tempted and give in to your stress-eating cues. But during these times that you should ration what you’re eating due to stock shortages, portioning what you eat is necessary. It would be helpful if you don’t eat out of the original packaging, read the portion sizes before throwing it out.

Tip # 3 – Prepare your snacks ahead of time

Meal planning is very important. Instead of the usual chips, cookies, bagel or any processed food, it would be better if you have a snack already ready such as a few orange slices, berries, or banana.

Tip #4 – Drink a lot!

Staying well-hydrated can reduce feelings of hunger because the brain often mistakes hunger for thirst. Pouring yourself water and getting ice, or preparing coffee or another beverage, and then sipping on it, gives you something to do besides eat, and that can only be good for your waistline.

Tip # 5 – Boost your Vitamin D intake

We know that buying supplements nowadays might mean not getting any due to the lack of supply, but you can get Vitamin D in food sources like margarine, oily fish, eggs, healthy breakfast cereals, and yogurt.

Tip #6 – Eat to feel fuller for longer

Even if you’re working from home, nutrition should always be part of your daily eating habit. Sure, food deliveries are essential but think of the benefits if you prepare them yourself. Instead of just eating cereals alone, why not add some berries or slices of banana? Eating a full meal can help you avoid unhealthy snacking later during the day.

Tip #7 – Organize your pantry and fridge

Instead of stacking on candies and chips, organize your food. Keep those candies at the back of your cupboard. Showcase sliced fruits in clear containers and put them where you can see them immediately. Stock up on some whole-grain crackers, low-fat string cheese, mixed nuts (roasted nuts and dried fruits).

These tips are not just for people undergoing physical therapy, this is for everyone. It just so happens that people who are having their treatments might need to be more mindful of their weight since it may affect them and their health.
Cut yourself some slack once in a while. Indulge on some of your favorite food once in a while, but not always. Investing in your health is more important now that giving in to the temptation of ordering a box of pizza or oily foods.

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