December 2, 2019

Want to know what the benefits of wellness coaching are? Well, for starters, do you want to have a healthier lifestyle and become more active? Do you want to be more in control of your health and well-being? Or do you want to be more confident and radiates positive feelings? These are the common benefits that you can get once you undergo wellness coaching. Wellness coaching is exactly what it sounds like. With a coach by your side, you can target the results you want, set goals to get there and make them come to life. The coach considers the client’s situation or experience and use it to facilitate intentional health and wellness change. They will develop a program tailored to an individual’s needs and strengths so that the client will enjoy seeing how small daily choices turn into sustainable, lifelong habits.

So, what are some of the specifics that wellness coaching brings?

  • Psychological Benefits – Psychological and physical well-being are closely linked. To improve the mental health of the individual is an improvement of the positive actions one takes with their physical well-being. Some of the psychological benefits of using a coach:
  • Knowledge – People are stubborn or ignorant about their lifestyle choices and wonder why they are in bad health. They follow the same routines expecting different results. Sometimes, it’s because of misinformation or the lack of due diligence when learning about wellness. That’s why they need a wellness coach who will help them navigate the immense amount of information to avoid harmful suggestions.
  • Guidance – Many coaches have been through troubling experiences. This gives them stoicism and experience when helping others in similar situations. Their outside perspective can offer a grounded reality that helps create peace and tranquillity – less stress. Having this lower stress allows the client to take logical steps to overcome their fears and setbacks.
  • Positivity – Psychological setbacks are often found in body image. Too often do we feel out of place or uncomfortable when visiting the gym or support groups because we feel like an outsider. A coach dismisses the differences and welcomes you with open arms. This positivity allows you to become comfortable with your body. It leads to greater strides in developing a positive mindset.
  • Physical Benefits – “body & mind” goes hand-in-hand. A positive mindset will find the motivation and passion when committing to a physical routine. In time, a physical routine improves overall health. The activities increase serotonin and dopamine levels allowing the person to feel better as a whole. Here are the main (physical) benefits of using a coach:
  • Tailored Plan – Wellness coaching incorporates the mental and physical state of the client. This allows the coach to develop a tailored plan that accounts for lifestyle elements such as work and family. It increases success rates due to an easier ability to commit because it’s tailored to the person and not a generalized goal. It makes the activities safe and sensible for the person so they’re not pushing to the point of injury.
  • Training Buddy – Your environment often dictates your ability to lose weight and improve physical well-being. If you’re surrounded by low-activity, obese individuals then you’re likely going to be of the same type. Wellness coaching provides you with a person that will be by your side during the physical routines. They will offer support and suggestions for safe form.
  • Activity Pal – A professional friendship may form which goes beyond the exercise routines. The relationship could open exciting, new activities to do with the coach that is physical and help to overcome social anxiety.
  • Limits – A coach is there to push your limits, but they aren’t going to force you to the point of injury. You have a voice when working with a wellness coach! Working with a coach gives you control over the activities but also challenges your commitment. This challenging nature of the coach will help you realize new limits. It all ties back into their tailored plan.

More benefits of wellness coaching also provide support in many areas such as:

  • Weight management – What’s your ideal weight? The one at which your physical and emotional self can thrive. It’s different for everyone and so is the path to getting there. Wellness Coaches guide you through the physical and emotional aspects of achieving and maintaining a weight that facilitates the health and well-being you deserve.
  • Stress management – Living in a busy city can result in feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Stress can increase the risk of a variety of health complaints. Stress management is important to help you make time to relax and renew your energy. Wellness Coaching helps you to reduce stress and promote health and happiness. A wellness coach helps you to implement simple self-care activities into your daily life to enhance your well-being.
  • Work/life balance – Good physical health helps us to prevent illness. However, wellness is more than being free of illness. The true meaning of wellness is a balance of the many factors that contribute to a healthy and happy life, including good emotional and mental health. Optimal wellness also includes social and spiritual well being and feeling fulfilled by your career.
  • Nutrition – Each one of us has very specific nutritional needs. Wellness coaches work together with you to design a custom nutrition program for you, it will give clarity and manageability to your wellness program and take the guesswork out of how to fuel your body.

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