Clinical Pilates – A Holistic Management for a Healthier You

Clinical Pilates – A Holistic Management for a Healthier You

July 8, 2020

As a mother, we often feel those joint and back pains, right? From doing household chores and taking care of our kids, we often rely on taking our pain medication. Some studies have shown that some 16 million adults — 8 percent of all adults in the US alone — experience persistent or chronic back pain, and as a result, are limited in certain everyday activities. Thanks to the evolving medical breakthroughs, experts saw a link to Clinical Pilates and muscle management.

Clinical Pilates has been around for some time and many have been drawn into using it for much better rehabilitation and more. From your typical office worker, pregnant women, mothers, and athletes- a lot of people are trying it out for its holistic health management and amazing results. Clinical Pilates is supervised by a health professional (commonly by a Physical Therapist), which means it is a patient-specific treatment method.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you decide to try Clinical Pilates.

1. Strengthens pelvic floor before pregnancy, during the prenatal and postpartum phase, and in general throughout life.

Clinical Pilates will increase pelvic floor strength and flexibility for the prevention and relief of lower back and pelvic pain. These exercises will provide a strong foundation which makes giving birth a lit bit easier for you and the baby. This is also for men, a weak or tight pelvic floor can sometimes lead to incontinence, difficulty standing up from a seated position, and more. As such, strengthening and retraining the core and pelvic floor becomes extremely important should these symptoms arise.

2. Rehabilitation after injury

A trained Physical Therapist will first assess your injury and then develop the most appropriate exercises specific to your needs.
The guided Clinical Pilates exercises will aim to strengthen your weak muscle groups, improve movement patterns, re-trains the muscles to function how and when you need them, and prevent further injury to your body.

3. Corrects overall posture

Let us admit it, slouching is quite common to us and this could cause pain or discomfort, even more so be the leading cause of a future dysfunction. Clinical Pilates also helps in giving our body the strength and awareness to correct this problem.

4. Reduces neck pain and lower back pain

This is particularly helpful for people who have a sedentary lifestyle such as sitting for a prolonged time, stooping, or bending your neck to watch images and videos on your cell phone and/or a desk job that doesn’t require a lot of physical activity during the day. Clinical Pilates will help you by strengthening your affected weak muscles.

5. Improves overall health

Clinical Pilates also stretches and tones muscle groups to improve your overall health and fitness. It will also aid in building up your cardiovascular health which in turn increases your overall endurance and fitness level. This is one of the reasons so many professional athletes highly recommend Clinical Pilates for better overall performance and injury prevention.

6. It improves your mind’s ability to function well

Clinical Pilates helps you do multiple tasks at once such as stretching, lifting, and balancing while practicing proper breathing. As you perform different activities, your sense of focus and mental health get their fair share of a workout as well.

A lot of people are personally choosing this treatment, whether you are a woman who is preparing to be a mother, an athlete, or an office worker trying your hardest to be healthy. It is never too late to be healthier.

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