Getting Back In Shape After The Holidays

Getting Back In Shape After The Holidays

May 11, 2021

till, got the holiday hangover? Feeling guilty about all those foods you enjoyed with the family? You’re not alone. Holidays are always the best time of the year to be with family. Meal preps, decorations, and just being with the closest people in our lives will always be precious. Eating a lot of those holiday food may also mean loading up with extra calories, added sugar, fat -and let’s be honest, processed ingredients. Aside from the added weight, let’s not forget the stress in shopping and decorating, lifting boxes, and to some, traveling to see relatives. While the holidays are fun it can also cause some sore back and weight gain to us.

Don’t fret! Your Physical Therapist has some top tips for you to get back in shape and shed those extra pounds you gained.

1. Start a “Food Journal”

Common advice but one that’s usually ignored. Holidays mean the food is always involved. We can’t always rely on our consultations all the time to remind us of our diet. It’s best to keep a journal of what you ate and how much of it you consumed during and after the holiday. Being able to see what you ate over the holidays will give you an idea and even plan a healthier meal plan if you’re determined to shed those pounds.

2. Focus on the greens

What I mean is, eating a plant-based meal means you’re banking on nutrients and lower caloric food, which in turn helps you lose weight faster and safer. Consuming that holiday ham, turkey, and other meat products can really add so many calories. Some of you might be turned off with the idea of eating only greens, well, it doesn’t mean you’ll go vegan all the way. The idea is trimming down on meat and increasing your consumption of plant-based food. Let’s say, eating meat for one meal a day and skipping it sometimes on an entire day will help you in reducing weight.

The idea here is cutting down the portions of meat and increasing your eating habit on greens.

3. Skip the dessert altogether

I know, it hurts to read it. But in order to remove those unwanted fats, you need to forget about those leftover cake or cookies once and for all. One tip is to go for frozen fruit instead of a cookie. Not only is it healthy for you but it satisfies your craving for sugar. This is the best way to reduce weight, go for fruits high in Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber- all of them increases the immune system and keep you healthy.

4. Proper Posture

A constant reminder of every Physical Therapy but always overlooked. In order to keep your back pain-free, proper posture is necessary. Moreover, getting heavier also affects our posture. We tend to slouch and that would mean back pain. Practice makes perfect. If you notice that you’re slouching, make it a point to sit or stand properly.

5. Breathe

Eyebrows might be raising on this one but it’s a must. Breathing properly is an exercise and can help you relax as well. Deep breathing exercises have been shown to improve circulation, stabilize blood pressure levels, improve mental clarity, increase overall energy levels, and much more. How do you do this?

First, find a quiet spot and a comfy chair, place both of your hands on your stomach, close your eyes and take a deep breath through the nose counting till 4. Feel your stomach expand. Pause for 2 seconds and slowly exhale as if blowing into a straw for 8 seconds. And repeat the process.

Discipline is always a must if you’re bent on losing those calories. You can research on your own and it’s also best to ask your physical therapy for more advice. That way, you’re losing weight effectively and safely.

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