Global Employee Health And Fitness Month 2021

Global Employee Health And Fitness Month 2021

June 16, 2021

The month of May is not only a preparation for the upcoming summer season but for Wellness, it’s a month to celebrate the Global Employee Health and Fitness Month. This might not get so much attention to workers but for us Health promoters and company owners it is an essential month to pay more attention to how they can reiterate the importance of health and fitness through physical activity to workers even if they’re stuck on desk work.

This is the perfect month to grab the opportunity to educate employees on the benefits of adopting habits and behaviors into the workers’ daily routine. Since the Global Employee Health and Fitness Month started, more and more company owners were enlightened in investing in this initiative o create a culture that integrates being physically active as a priority in the workplace- may it be in the office setting or a work-from-home setup.

The History

The Global Employee Health and Fitness Month were launched in 1989 by the National Association of Health and Fitness here in the United States. Health and fitness are essential for everyone because of the long-term benefits you can get from them and also the quality of life you’ll have, but the problem is as people get older, we tend to lose ourselves in our work and daily routines; and because of these reasons, the Association was able to create such event to improve the health of everyone especially those who needs more encouragement to continue on despite their busy work schedule.

Why Global Employee Health and Fitness is important?

Healthy employees are less stressed at work

Exercising and having a balanced diet increases blood flow and reduces stress. Exercise also produces happy hormones such as Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins that promote positive feelings like pleasure, happiness, and even love. Promoting exercise after a long day at the office among employees helps a lot since they usually feel fresh the next day.

Employees feel motivated and energized

A basic concept but so important when you’e working since it is often overlooked and neglected. Exercising (any kind of workout) basically gives you the energy you need at work, have a balanced diet and employees will be ready to take on any company projects plus employers won’t have to worry about their people calling in sick.

Employees have increased productivity

A healthy employee will always be more productive at work. With a workout routine and healthy diet, workers can level up their mental activity and performance at work.

Kick Start Activities

As health advocates, we believe that companies should collaborate with their health team to come up with healthy and fun ways to incorporate fitness and health. So here are some ideas that also involve some Physical Therapy approved exercises for your employees to benefit from.

Yoga sessions at work and other exercises sessions

Nothing is more relaxing and calorie-burning at the same as a Yoga session for everyone at work. A little encouragement will do its magic and in no time, many of the employees will be joining in. Hire a Yogi or there are others who seek Physical Therapists to do it. A simpler way is to encourage them to take the stairs (when their floor is not so high, or to walk to their colleague’s office instead of emailing your message. These are just some examples of encouraging them to get moving.

If your employees are working from home, you can collaborate with your therapist to design a good exercises plan that they can do at home such as simple Yoga stretches and strength training routines. Create goals with your workers as well and see the changes.

Invite a nutritionist and collaborate

Investing in a nutritionist to check your and your employees’ diet is a good way to practice healthy living in the workplace. You can book one that will have a session with all the employees so they motivated to start a healthy diet. There are also some companies that collaborate with a nutritionist and design a healthy menu plan that tastes good and nutritious at the same time.

You can develop more and be creative on how you can encourage your employees on how to be active and healthy, the goal here is to pique their interest in starting a healthy lifestyle and what’s great is you also benefit from pioneering something good from your people.

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