Healthy Heart = Better Sex

Healthy Heart = Better Sex

February 13, 2020

Who on earth doesn’t want a better sex life? If you have a partner or spouse, of course, we’re pretty sure you’d want to experience the maximum sexual pleasure and in order to enjoy each other during these intimate moments, your heart should be healthy emotionally – and biologically. Keeping fit does not only give our bodies the optimal benefit of good health. It also gives us satisfaction in other sectors of our lives, like relationships, family and of course, our sex life becomes more fun! When one is healthy, the outlook on life changes. One tends to be more cheerful and optimistic about stuff. Therefore, we must take care of our bodies, especially our hearts.

Having sex is human nature. In a relationship, it is the highest form of expression of love and passion for our spouse or partner, and it should be a fun interaction with our partner. It should not be a burden. No relationship is perfect, there may be days when disagreements arise and compromise cannot be met. However, at the end of the day, sex is that one activity that makes the relationship closer, more intimate and more special. When a partner is sick and has heart problems, sex does not become fun. It ends up being an obligation – being done just to provide for each other’s need of intimacy. There will be no room for creativity and enjoyment. Sex will be tiring, it will be a routine. It will not be fun and exciting. Instead, sex will be a chore and eventually come out as unappealing and repulsive. When your partner’s heart is unhealthy, you will not have time to look forward to it because you are too busy working on making your heart healthy.

Even if our sex life is not bad, how do we keep our heart healthy to pro-actively have better sex?

Eat Healthily

Everybody must practice eating healthy. Eating healthy does not mean we should restrict ourselves with good food. There are a lot of ways how we can prepare good food and there is a wide selection of good food out in the market. That is what one must do, prepare good food in the healthiest way possible. Avoid bad fats, sugary and salty foods. These are the type of food that may be good to eat, however, not too good for the body, most especially the heart.

Keep Mobile

Keeping mobile means move about, become active, workout, exercise or simply walk. It means we are not to get used to just sit and slump in a corner and get comfortable in being idle or just staying still. Walking is the simplest exercise, free and available all the time. Instead of taking the car when going to the grocery, to school or work, we can walk. This gets us where we need to go and keeps our breathing regulated. Regulating our breathing keeps our heart and lungs healthy. This allows these two organs to distribute oxygen to the other organs in our body. Sex is a physical act and we need to stay fit in order for us to be able to do what we are supposed to do in bed.

Stretch before doing anything

Before doing any activity, it is important to stretch. This does not only keep our muscles toned and avoid strain, but it also keeps our body parts flexible. Even pianists stretch their fingers before they play. Athletes have routine stretching exercises before their game or practice. Stretching also keeps our heart healthy by making sure we are not stressed when performing these activities. Stress is not good for the heart. Stretching helps us avoid harm to our fragile hearts and promotes injury prevention. Yes, it also prevents sex-related injuries for the more active couples.

Get Enough Rest

Our body benefits fully from resting. Resting is our way of making our body reset. Our body, our minds and our hearts. When we are resting, our body, including the heart gets to recharge. It does not have any pressure on it, it pumps normally when we are resting. It is important for us to get enough sleep after a day’s work. Sleeping, pausing from what we are doing, or simply relaxing is necessary if we want to keep our hearts healthy.

Avoid smoking and drinking too much

Smoking and drinking alcohol are two habits we should never begin. They are totally addictive and harmful to our hearts and our body in general. Tobacco in cigarettes clogs up the lungs and promotes blockages in our arteries. Drinking alcohol can do damage to our liver and disposition. Avoiding these two habits may give us a better chance of having a healthy heart.

Having a healthy heart gives us better sex. It keeps our body fit, makes us breathe better, helps our body stimulation more active and yes, we end up having better sex. Sex is important in a relationship and it is but natural to want to have better sex all the time. We can always start by taking care of our bodies, our hearts, our partners, and start getting creative with what we can do with our healthy bodies in bed.

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