Live Life to the Fullest with a Healthy Back!

Live Life to the Fullest with a Healthy Back!

April 13, 2022

There is nothing more distressing than suffering from a bad back. It limits your movements and the activities that you can do. Pain is consistently present every time you get up, lie down, or move about. It makes even the easiest things to do extra harder.

The good thing is, there are ways to achieve a healthy back. Prevention is key, but there’s still relief should you be suffering now with a painful back. Here are some ways towards your goal of a healthy back:

Exercise does wonders

Regular exercises make your muscles strong. Strengthening your core muscles – abdominal, lower back and pelvic – is essential in having a healthy spine. These muscles coordinate and help each other during movements. If your abdominal muscles are weak, your lower back and pelvic muscles will carry the brunt, thus resulting in pain and potential injury. There are exercises that are beneficial for the back, such as stretching, yoga, and squats.

Lift wisely

When lifting objects from the ground, bend your knees and lower the whole body. Avoid bending at the waist, as it would easily strain your back. Also, use tools or machines that will help you carry heavy loads, such as a wheelbarrow, a trolley, or a hand truck.

Maintain good posture

Keeping your back straight helps maintain the natural curves of your spine. It assists in the overall wellness of your back as it stimulates adequate blood flow and relieves stress on your spine. Maintain good posture whether you are standing or even when sitting down.

Choose sports that promotes healthy back

Sports like swimming, cycling or running are enjoyable and at the same time are beneficial for a healthy back. Several muscles are set in motion during these sports and promote cardiovascular workout and overall muscle strengthening and toning.

Distribute loads evenly

When carrying loads, such as a bag or backpack, ensure that you bring the weight evenly across your body. Back and shoulder pain can be caused by carrying a heavy bag constantly on one shoulder. Ensure to frequently transfer the weight on either shoulders. Backpacks are ideal as they can be hung on both shoulders, but make sure that they are not too heavy and get time to take a rest from lugging them around.

Invest in a good mattress

Beds that are too soft or too old already would tend to put strain on your back. It is thus important to choose and invest in a good mattress that can support your back well. A mattress that is medium firm or firm or are classified as orthopedic type will provide targeted support on the curves of your spine.

Wear good footwear

Invest in good shoes that can support your leg and back. A well-chosen pair helps in keeping your spine in alignment and prevents strain on your feet and legs that would eventually affect your lower back. Whether you choose footwear suitable for your everyday use or when doing sports, splash out on a worthy pair.

Massages are not just for relaxation

Getting a good regular back massage is therapeutic and can relieve you of the stresses and strains on your back. It helps loosen tight knots, stimulates blood flow, as well as facilitates adequate lymphatic flow. Booking frequent massages can put you back into groove and boost your total well-being.

Tribeca Physical Therapy can help you in your road to recovery and rehabilitation in achieving a healthy back. Book an appointment today to get evaluated by our highly qualified physical therapists.

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