Physical Therapy For Pain

Physical Therapy For Pain

October 5, 2021

Most of us experience pain from time to time and this can often be the case after playing a competitive sports game, cleaning up the house, or waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Generally, pain falls into two categories, acute or chronic. Acute pain is resolved within a short period of time whereas chronic pain is usually a long-term problem. Chronic pain is usually caused by an injury or medical condition.

Physical therapy often aids in rehabilitating and restoring normal bodily function. The exercises can strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility. They may be composed of several visits until the optimum level of healing has been achieved.

Physical therapists gain a lot of training and experience from the many different cases they work on. They can recommend the appropriate exercises for each type of condition. PT’s help treat the pain itself, as well as resolve the source of it. They will pinpoint areas where the pain may be emanating, which may affect other parts of the body.

Physical therapy exercises can often include one or more of the following:

Strengthening Exercises: These may include such exercises as squats, push-ups, lunges, and sit-ups, which help to strengthen your body. Machines can be used for these exercises, as well as other exercise tools like medicine balls and resistance bands.

Aerobic exercises, that are low-impact, will also help with the cardio aspect. These non-vigorous aerobic exercises will increase your heart rate and breathing, while still considering the physical limitations you may have. Brisk walking, low-speed stationary biking, or light swimming are all good warm-ups.

Exercises for relieving pain focus on the source of the pain. The pain usually is a result of a strain, tightened muscles, or pinched nerves. The exercises will help to loosen tight muscles or joints and increase flexibility.

Stretching exercises will also help loosen up stiff joints, tissues, and muscles. Physical Therapists will apply the appropriate level of stretches depending on the patient’s condition.

The exercise sessions will also be complemented by other treatments, such as ice packs for the inflammation and heat compresses to warm up the muscles. Your physical therapist may also apply massages with the right level of pressure on the injured or pain-affected area, which will provide both a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Physical therapy may also include ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulations (TENS). TENS are low-voltage electric currents applied to the skin where the pain is experienced. The ultrasound sends waves and blocks the pain messages going to the brain.

Physical therapy is safe and highly recommended throughout the rehabilitation and healing process. Your physical therapist will come up with the best therapy plan suitable to your problem, condition, and general health. It is important to note that physical therapy activities may hurt and be challenging at times, but they will make you stronger and significantly contribute towards your full recovery.

Tribeca Physical Therapy offers a wide range of physical therapy treatments with highly qualified practitioners. If you have been suffering from an injury, pain, or discomfort, then please get in touch today and we will have you come in for an assessment.

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