Postpartum Recovery Through Virtual PT

Postpartum Recovery Through Virtual PT

March 6, 2020

Postpartum recovery through Virtual PT (Physical Therapy) is now possible with Tribeca Physical Therapy!

Life as a mom is tough and demanding. Taking care of a newborn is no easy feat. Because of the exhaustion, most moms tend to stay at home which, all moms would agree, is not helpful especially if you’re also experiencing postpartum depression – yes, it’s very real! Unfortunately, aside from the depression, there is also the physical aspect where according to recent research – 90% of women have lumbopelvic pain issues and 75% of that are reported postpartum.

While it seems that it is “OK” and common to have lumbopelvic pain after giving birth, one must realise that there are serious consequences if it’s not dealt properly especially if you’re still experiencing the pain after 90 days postpartum. So moms, here are the reasons why we encourage you to adapt an active lifestyle postnatal and reduce serious risks from having prolonged lumbopelvic pain:

1. Increase endurance and improve cardiovascular

On your third trimester of pregnancy, your tummy is so big and heavy that it is just hard to move around. After a few minutes of walking, you’ll notice your heartrate increasing and that you get tired quickly. Postpartum, your body will start readjusting. Since your tummy is no longer heavy, if you start moving around gradually, your endurance increases & your cardiovascular improves so get that heart pumping!

2. To Prevent Injury

Did you know that 68% of injury happens on the lumbopelvic region for post-partum runners? According to a case study by JM Thein-Nissenbaum, “the persistence of lumbopelvic pain can delay or prevent postpartum women from returning to an active lifestyle.”. Therefore, it’s necessary for postpartum runners or active moms, to get a pelvic-floor evaluation before going for a run again.

3. To Strengthen Core

Your lower back is the one supporting most of your body’s weight. Your abs, paraspinal muscles, diaphragm and pelvic floor are the muscles that makes up your “core”. When you become pregnant, the muscles, connective tissues, ligaments in your “core” can be damaged which leads to different types of pain or even swelling. After giving birth, strengthening your core and getting it back to shape will definitely help reduce lower back and pelvic pain.

4. Lose post-partum weight

Having low back pain for women who are not able to go back to a healthy weight within 6 months after giving birth usually has an increased risk of developing a chronic disease or worse – disability.

Here at Tribeca Physical Therapy, our goal is to assist postpartum recovery through Virtual PT and moms in general to return to a healthy weight, reduce and eventually remove lower back pain and help you get back in shape physically and mentally.

Don’t miss out on our Postpartum Recovery Virtual PT Offer:

  • Get a complimentary 60-minute pelvic floor evaluation
  • 3-6 high-level physical therapy sessions incorporating clinical pilates and pelvic floor exercises for a stronger core.

Tribeca Physical Therapy is officially reopened for in-person physical therapy sessions and continues to offer Telehealth PT or Virtual PT. Call us at 2124068080 or message us and book your first session free.

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