Simple Office Exercises to Keep You Moving

Simple Office Exercises to Keep You Moving

December 25, 2019

The importance of exercising and engaging in physical activities is often overlooked, especially by individuals who have very busy lives so here are simple office exercises to keep you moving. While we are out making sure that we have our futures secured and we live comfortable lives, we end up sacrificing our mental, emotional, and physical health. It is never too late to break out from your sedentary lifestyle. Make the change and help yourself begin living healthier by understanding that exercises and physical activities do not necessarily need to take a huge chunk of your time. There are simple office exercises that can be done to keep yourself moving and healthy!

Because the demands of our jobs and personal lives are making our schedules more packed and hectic, we mostly end up having little to no time for exercises and physical activities. While the lack of exercise does not always project its effects visibly on the human body, we still should not ignore the fact that it affects our overall health negatively. Sitting on a desk for 8 hours or more contributes a lot to the way you gain weight and your body deteriorates. Without physical activity, your muscles weaken and you become more vulnerable to illnesses too.

To help avoid the health risks that the lack of physical activity brings, we have gone all over the internet to find the best and simplest exercises that anyone can perform while sitting on their desks. These exercises do not require much effort and would not give you that stunning beach bod, but they can definitely help make sure you are a step closer to a healthier lifestyle with physical activity even without taking time away from your job.


Cardio exercises help increase the strength of your heart and lungs. It is also proven to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to burn calories and lose weight. While most cardio activities involve a lot of effort like running, jogging, swimming, and biking, we have to remember that cardio is not limited to only these activities.

Some simple cardio that you can perform at work without taking much time off are actually normal activities you may already have been doing before.

Taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevators, getting up from your seat and stretching your legs, walking or jogging in place, and wandering around your office are some examples of easy cardio you can do while at work. They do not only help you get more physical activity, but they also allow you a few minutes away from the radiation of your computer and help stimulate your brain to function more efficiently.

Lower Body

Sitting for long hours have just as much negative effects on your legs as they do on your spine and your pelvis. Having a sedentary lifestyle that does not allow you much time to spend on your feet can lead to various illnesses such as weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle atrophy, and other chronic conditions.

The lack of physical activity involving your feet and legs could also cause your muscles to eventually “fall asleep”, and you will not be able to use them to move around anymore. This may seem like an extreme case, but it is a condition that does not happen overnight, and it all begins with spending most of your time sitting or lying down. To avoid such chronic conditions, you may perform a series of exercises even while seated at your desk and working on your computer.

Leg raises are the easiest – whether you are on your seat or standing up, leg raises do not require much effort from other parts of your body, so you can definitely do them while responding to your emails, working on presentations, or even talking on the phone. Squats are another activity you can perform for your lower body. This exercise can be done in your cubicle, or while waiting for those documents you are printing or faxing.

In addition, you can also spend a few minutes doing the cardio activities mentioned above, which are not just good for the heart, but also for your legs and lower body in general.

Upper Body

Most of the physical pressure of working a desk job falls on your upper body. The negative effects are often felt instantly – after a long day at work, you would feel back pain, difficulty breathing, and more.

Aside from the illnesses mentioned above, sitting all day (or the lack of physical movement) weakens your spine, which will cause poor posture and brittle bones. It also puts pressure on your chest, neck, and shoulders, which may cause difficulty in breathing, and problems with your blood flow. Avoid this by making sure you do not only exercise your legs and lower body, but also your upper body.

Use everyday office items as weights and move your arms up and down to exercise your muscles, or simply perform shoulder and arm exercises in circular motions and improve your blood circulation too.

Never have an excuse again! It’s time to take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle, even with your full schedule. Tribeca Physical Therapy is officially reopened for in-person physical therapy sessions and continues to offer Telehealth PT or Virtual PT. Call us at 2124068080 or message us and book your first session free.

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