A message came into @dockristianpt’s Instagram account around 3:44am on Thursday. The question came from someone who was experiencing a lot of pain: “Hey, how are you? I have a medical question. Last evening I just moved my head a bit and felt sharp pain through the right side, neck, shoulder, upper back. Later it became so painful and still is. Any movement and even when not moving. As you can see it’s almost 4am and can’t sleep from pain. Should I see an orthopedist or PT? Any suggestions?.

Once Dr. Kristian Marcial woke up and read the message, a TeleHealth PT consultation was offered. After a quick sign up through the PTEverywhere system, Dr. Kristian and the new patient got right into the TeleHealth Physical Therapy.

Result: the patient has pain upon neck flexion (looking downwards), with a pain scale of 10/10 which then went down to pain scale of 6/10 with significant improvement in mobility and less muscle stiffness. The same improvements happened in different movements of his neck and right shoulder. An individualized home exercise was provided, and another TeleHealth PT session was booked the next day, free of charge.

The best part aside from being FREE of change is that Dr. Kristian was able to be of service to others without having to do an in-person or manual therapy PT session.


What is a TeleHealth Physical Therapy?

A TeleHealth Physical Therapy (aka E-visit) is another way to deliver physical therapy to people. This does not replace the traditional face to face in-person treatment sessions, however, it is an innovative HIPAA compliant platform to get expert opinion or share information about your pain and movement dysfunctions or even perform supervised exercises. 


The president of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Sharon Dunn recently tweeted: 

“First, do no harm. Reduce community exposure by cancelling non-urgent/ emergent F2F visits, sign up to help our colleagues on the front lines (ER, acute, long term and critical care units), do tele-Rehab whether or not you get paid; step up in times of crisis, that’s what we do.” 

Tribeca Physical Therapy’s doctors of physical therapy, Monica Saliu and Kristian Marcial, are offering FREE 30-minute TeleHealth Physical Therapy for the next 2 weeks or as needed. Tribeca Physical Therapy believes that this is the perfect time to STEP UP, GIVE BACK and BE THERE for anyone who needs their services. We are all in this TOGETHER! UNITED even though separated. 

If you want to know more about the TeleHealth Physical Therapy and how you can get your FREE 30-minute session, you can either submit an inquiry through our web contact form or call us at (212) 406 8080.